Chelsea Drda, Student

When I was 17, I thought I was going to be a medical doctor. How could I better help people live healthy, happy lives? Growing up in Connecticut surrounded by medical professionals, how could I think anything else? My mother is an operating room R.N. and she always came home and shared stories from work, sparking my fascination with health and how the human body works.

In May of my senior year of high school, that all changed when I visited my uncle's chiropractic office in Florida and he told me about the innate potential within the human body to heal itself from above, down, inside and out. I was stunned. I finally had the answer to how I could help people be healthy without having to write a prescription or cut them open. Why had I not heard before that chiropractic removes the inhibition of the innate flow of information back and forth between the brain and the body? Why had no one told me that the nervous system controls every function of every cell in the body?

Since then, I have worked to tell others this story while I am completing my chiropractic education. I fell in love with pediatrics after seeing how quickly children respond to chiropractic care. One afternoon, while I was shadowing at a local office, a three-year-old was brought in. He was upset, irritable, and refused to let go of his mother. He was adjusted while lying on his mother's chest and within minutes was perky, energetic, and flirting with all the interns.

The human body is capable of incredible things when it is connected with the brain! I will graduate a few weeks after my 25th birthday and am so grateful for being called to this profession and for all who have shared their stories with me along the way.

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