Dr. Nathan Saj

Q. What route did you take to becoming a chiropractor?

A. When I was 15, I injured my back playing baseball. We wasted a year and half on physical therapists and an MD. No improvement. Surgery would have been the next step, but I didn't want that. We finally tried a chiropractor and he cured me very quickly. And I liked the chiropractic environment. It felt right to me.

Q. What aspects of your work do you find most fulfilling?

A. The sheer variety of patients and challenges. I treat everyone from newborns to people over 100 years old. Many are difficult cases, medical failures. Chiropractic is their last hope. When you can help someone in that situation, you feel very, very good.

Q. Could you tell me about one patient you treated who exemplifies the benefits of chiropractic?

A. I helped a 14 year-old recently with a chronically painful neck and severe scoliosis. He was too sore to treat on the first day, so I worked only on the affected muscles. The next day he had improved to the point where I could adjust him-and within a week the pain was gone and his spine was in perfect alignment.

Q. How would you advise prospective students to learn more about chiropractic?

A. The first thing to know is that there are many different techniques and approaches. Find out about them first. Then shadow a variety of chiropractors to see which approach feels most suited to your own personality and temperament.

Q. Do you find chiropractic enables you to achieve a work/life balance that suits you?

A. Definitely. I work 32 hours a week and see about 200 patients. My wife works with me at the front desk. My young child is often there. So is our dog. We live the chiropractic life. We're all adjusted regularly. For me, work is a whole family thing. And I tend to treat whole families.

Q. If you could tell aspiring chiropractic students one thing, what would it be?

A. The success of chiropractic was established one patient at a time over 118 years. There is now a huge body of evidence that it works consistently-- often amazingly--well. This is an ideal time to become a chiropractor. People are turning away from drugs and surgery in favor of natural therapies. An aging population means the need for chiropractors has never been greater. If you have the right kind of temperament, people skills, and commitment, this is an extraordinarily rewarding profession.

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